Friday, 2 March 2018

Ellipsis Zine: Two

Ellipsis Zine: One, published in October last year, is a tough act to follow but I was blown away by Ellipsis Zine: Two. It has been a joy to read some old familiar names and explore writers that are new to me.

Two is comprised of forty flash fiction and creative non-fiction gems. The theme of two, inspired a wide-breadth of ideas but they share one thing in common: they are all written by formidable writers of flash and they have set the bar incredibly high.

Without giving away any spoilers, I’d like to share some of my favourites:

  • The poetic prose and whispered imagery in Sandra Chen’s Bow and Brush was simply beautiful.
  • Gemini by Elizabeth Ruth Deyro challenges the usual portrayal of twins through straightforward storytelling with a fairy tale feel about it.
  • I really liked Rubies by Rebecca Williams – seductive writing that is beautifully chilling.
  • ‘His cheeks sagged about his mouth when he spoke, like great saddlebags of sour milk.’ From First Untruths by Tomas Marcantonio. Wow! What a description.
  • I was moved by a poetically beautiful sentence in The Space Between by Christopher M Drew: ‘A moon revolving, your heart a tide.’
  • Overspill by Rachael Dunlop is a love affair told in reverse order and the words she chooses for this description are beautiful: ‘I feel like a curlicue, some exotic punctuation mark, undulating, in and out, in and out.’
  • I particularly liked the opening line of The Hills Above Sabinas by Elisabeth Hewer: ‘The day we killed our father was the hottest we’d ever known.’ Wow, what a lesson in grabbing the reader’s attention and pulling them straight into the story.

Two is a wonderful collection of stories about fractured love affairs, twins, pregnancy, and even people splitting themselves in half or escaping their skin. These are stories about the human condition. About where we fit. About making sense of this world and our place within it.

To purchase a print or digital copy, visit EllipsisZine.



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